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Monday, November 07, 2005

Bird (Avian) Flu Panic

Investing on News that is going to happen is probably the smartest move that many investors ever dreamed of. However most of the time what happen is that we buy on news that has already happen. Smart stock buying before any news outbreak involves experience, detail analysis, logical thinking and a bit of luck. Fortunately we are in a position where there's news that is going to happen yet hasn't happen here yet. Huh? Doesn't sound logical? Well, it is.

Thanks to the advance media technology, we are far more accessible to news happening in the other part of the globe than ever before. Therefore when Asia is battling the
Bird Flu, an deadly virus commonly occurred among birds, we in US still have plenty of time to prepare for it and also at the same time find the possible stock that is related to Bird/Avian Flu.

Let's begin the research with the sole cure for Bird Flu called Tamiflu, an antiviral drug produced by Swiss drugmaker Roche. Don't stop your research here because Roche unfortuntely isn't listed in any of the US stock exchange. So there's no way to invest Tamiflu related stocks? Don't give up yet. Actually Roche is allowing four generic drug manufacturers to product Tamiflu and three of them are listed in US stock exchange. Here they are:
  1. Teva Pharmaceutical (TEVA): headquarter in Israel with facilities in North America and Europe, now trading at 52 week high at $38.39.
  2. Barr Pharmaceuticals (BRL): maker of 70 different generic pharmaceutical product in New Jersey, now trading at 52 weeks high at $56.8.
  3. Mylan Laboratories (MYL): producer of drugs in US, now trading at $19.9 per share.

Keep this blog in your radar as we'll go thru other bird flu related stocks in the next few articles.


Blogger Mike said...

Don't forget about gilead!

They are the ones who created tamiflu and are now liscencing it to Roche. They collect royalties and they are a biotech company to watch out for in the future.

Visit my website if you have time:

8:13 PM  

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