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Thursday, December 01, 2005

[New Technology] Nano Technology Stock

Ever heard of nanotechnology? Don't think of it as a technology from outter space. Basically it is the technology of producing things in nanometer scale, a scale so small that human eyes can't see it. So how big is one nanometer? Being a math expert I found out that one nanometer is about one thousand times less than one micrometer. Still no clue? Let me give you something you probably will know better. Basically 6 micrometer is the diameter of your red blood cell. So 1 nanometer is about 6000 times smaller than the width of your blood cell. I would bet no one will be able to see anything the size of one nanometer unless using microscope.

If you want to know more about nanotechnology, I would suggest you to check Wikipedia in which there's a detail definition and usage of nanotech. Enough of boring science now that's talk about stuff that's more interesting - the nano technology stocks.

The first application of nanotechnology is for basic material. Altair Nanotechnologies(ALTI), a Reno Nevada based basic material manufacturer, is manufacturing nano sized ceremic material to be used in commercial applications such as battery materials, thermal spray, photo-catalytic activity, algae mitigation and air purification. The stock is trading at $2.41 per share and could be a steal if the technology takes off.

Nanophase Technologies(NANX) is another company engages in nanomaterial called nanocrystalline. The material is to be used in commercial application such as abrasion resistant coatings, deodorant, foot powder, fuel cells, glass polishing, oral care, sunscreen, semiconductor polishing, textile fiber and more. The technology can be applied to a wide range of industries which is why the nanotechnology stocks have the most growth potential in the next decade. The stock is still trading around $6 per share and is considerably cheap.

The pharmaceutical industry is also a popular place using nanotechnology. Company like American Phamarceutical Partners(APPX), has the right of selling ABRAXANE, a proprietary nanoparticle injectable oncology product for cancer treatment. The stock is off its 52 weeks high at $36 per share and will probably go thru some correction.

Of course this promising next generation technology isn't hiding away off the radar from blue chip companies. For instance 3M Co.(MMM), famous for its convenient Post-It, is under research and development of nanotechnology related application. In addition DuPont(DD) is also exploring the usage of nanotechnology such as DNA sorting. Both of these blue chip stocks are still relatively cheap and are less volatile.

One nanotech related stock which many day traders are eyeing on is mPhase Technologies(XDSL.OB). The Norwalk, CT based company is developing Nano-Based batteries and is trading just 0.17 per share. Imagine of the investment return you will get if the company ever gets to more than a dollar per share.

If you are interested in more nanotech related stocks, you can get the Nanatech Report from Forbes which has more detail analysis.


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Blogger AShalleck said...

Neither ALTI or Nanophase have any hope of making any money for years. Nanophase has used over $80 million in venture capital in 10years and has never been even close to positive cash flow. their biggest product, nanosized zinc oxide that they supply in bulk to BASF has a less than 25% gross margin. these are BS stocks and the hype around them is just that hype pushed by both Presidents and their pR agencies. The day traders don't care about fundamental strategic value. I do

Alan Shalleck

11:03 AM  
Blogger Nanotechnology said...

Thanks. Gr8 info.

10:01 AM  

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