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Monday, November 28, 2005

[Buzz] It's Cyber Monday! Cyber Monday Stocks

It's Cyber Monday. What Cyber Monday? Well probably most of you are familiar with Black Friday which is the big shopping day after Thanksgiving where brick-and-motar company like Wal-Mart(WMT) and Best Buy(BBY) will give unbelievable discount on some items.

Same thing goes to online retailers. With the convenience of online shopping most shoppers avoided the dog fight at the stores on Black Friday and instead wait till the following Monday to do their big holiday shopping online. This year's top items are still the electronics so let's look at some internet stocks that would probably get big sale boost from Cyber Monday. Although most name brand brick-and-motar stores do offer online shopping, we will not cover them here as they were already covered in the previous Black Friday article. The followings is our Cyber Monday Stocks List.
  • CNET Network(CNET): Although this is not an online retailer, this rich content provider of all electronic gadgets from digital camera to iPOD is the gateway of many online shoppers who want to know everything from product review to price differences before they make any decision. The stock is trading at 52 weeks high at 15 per share and still have lots of upsides.
  • eBay (EBAY): You can't miss this online auction giant when you are talking about online shopping. Although eBAY offeres everything from your backyard antique to plasma TV in the living room. Check the eBay official site. If you find crazy bidders or many items at the electronic section, chaces are the store should do pretty well on Cyber Monday. On the techical side the 50 day moving average has top over 200 day moving average which indicates a plus sign for the stock which still trade $10 off its 52 weeks high.
  • Major online discount retailer selling items in different categories from furniture to electronics. Its $1 shipping on Cyber Monday should generate a lot of sales from eager cyber shoppers. The stock has just bounced off its 52 weeks lows to $36.93, almost half of its 52 weeks high. The stock could easily pass $40 per share after the holiday.
  • Online discount retailer selling close-out or refurbished items. This is the site where bargain hunters may go. Take a look at the site to see what I meant by bargain hunting. The stock price is also attractive for bargain hunters as it had been beaten badly from $20 per share in the beginning of the year to $1.38 per share now.


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