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Monday, January 09, 2006

Gadget for the Baby Boomers

No. This is not the electronic gadget you will find in the local Best Buys or Walmart and this is not the gadget you can hold in your hand like iPOD or PDAs. The gadget, probably as big as the size of the master bedroom in your house, is the favorite for the retirees. Every year, million of people reaching or beyond the age of retirement hop on this big toy called RV, Recreation Vehicle to enjoy their retirement life on the road from cities to cities, coast to coast. Now as the baby boomers are entering the age of retirement, it might be a good time to look at the stocks related to Recreation Vehicle before the big surge coming just like those lifting the Senior Housing stocks.
  • Thor Industries Inc. (THO): the Jackson Center, Ohio based Recreation Vehicle maker is the largest of the industry with market cap of 2.42 billion. Last year the company reports record sales on RV with $2.31 billion, up 17% from $1.97 billion the year before and the sales for both RV and bus unit have increase continuously for the fifth year. The company has 26 RV plants in United States with employees over 8000. Citigroup recently began to cover the company with a buy rating. The stock has done well this year and is posting new 52 week high everyday.
  • Winnebago Industries Inc. (WGO): the Forest City, Iowa based company manufactures recreation vehicle and motor homes for leisure travel and outdoor recreation. The company has half of the market cap of Thor Industries with 1.1 billion. The softening RV industry in 2005 hurts the revenue and net income. As the result the stock was on the slide from August high of $39 per share to October low of $26 per share. After hitting the 52 week low in late October the stock has bounced bak and is now trading at $33.55 per share.
  • Monaco Coah Corp. (MNC): the Coburg, Oregan based RV maker makes high end motor homes that include LCD tv, GPS system and leather furniture. The company's top executives have been bullish about the company recently with numerous purchase of the company's stock. The stock is still trading near 52 week low of $13.76 per share but should see more upside from now on.


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