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Friday, December 02, 2005

[Hot Gadget] Watching TV?

Did you miss last night's episode of The Apprentice because you had to work late? Or you couldn't watch Thanksgiving Day football while you were at your parents house for Thanksgiving dinner?

Well guess what, not anymore. Because the hot gadget we are going to introduce today, called DVR, stands for Digital Video Recorder, will let you record the shows you have missed while you are away. Even more with this innovative service offered by TiVo Inc.(TIVO), you would use search-engine like feature to find your favorite show, transfer the recorded show to you laptop and burn the show to DVD. You probably have been using your VCRs to record your favorite TV show. However the recording features that TiVo can offer are so robust that thousands of people, 379,000 from Direct TV(DTV) and 55,000 from its own, have already signed up for the 12.9 per month service in the prior quarter.

Looking at the financial part of TiVo, the company's Cash Flow shows a postive income in the third quarter, compare to net loss in the prior three quarters. However the stock price is off the 52 weeks high of $7 per share and is now trading at $5.64 per share. The slow down in subscription growth probably has somewhat hurt the stock. Nevertheless the end of year is normally a time when gadgets are getting the high sale volumn. With the stock now climb back from it's 3 month low, look for more upside at least till the beginning of next year.

If you are interested in getting a DVR, there's plenty of them to choose from on eBay including the one offerred by TiVo. Another way to get a DVR is to subscribe to DISH Network Satellite TV service.


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