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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hot Gadget Stocks - iPOD & Satellite Radio Part I

Remeber Research in Motion? The wireless solution company who makes the famous BlackBerry platform sees its stock flying from $5 per share to $100 per share in just two years. This type of agressive movement inspires me to look at another interesting group of stocks which are generating lots of money for the investor - the hot gadget stocks.

So where do you find the new hot gadget? Well don't ask me because you probably should know the most. Look at your colleagues, your high schoolers at home or your neighbors and see what they are getting. If there's one gadget where you haven't heard before yet some people around you are getting it, chances are it's a new hot gadget and you should better check it to see if it is listed in the stock market.

The first hot gadget, you probably are aware of, is iPOD, made by tech genius Steve Job and his Apple Computer
(AAPL). When my colleague first show this white stylish box to me, I thought this is just another new walkman. However when I see how he also uses iPOD as an external hard drive, I feel I want to get one as well. It's stylish outlook may just attracks the younger generation yet it's multi-functionality also attracts tech geeks. The easy to use iTune CD to iPOD software is also a bonus. Steve Job and Apple Inc are creating a successful business model from iPOD where on one hand they are generating revenue from sales of iPOD yet on the other hand they are getting millions of dollars from online music sales. My colleague bought the stock the same time he got his iPOD and has seen his portfolio appreciate 20% ever since. The stock is currently trading at its 52 weeks high at $64.75 per share and is still rising.

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