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Monday, December 19, 2005

[trend]Country of Seniors

Which country is full of seniors? Well probably we don't want to admit it but as the baby boomers, who are now between the age of 40 and the age of 60, are getting older and older and birth rate keeps declining, very soon United States may become the old country like Japan and some European countries.

This trend of growing senior citizens gives us some idea to take a look at a industry which is somehow related to the daily life of seniors - the senior housings. Most senior housings today provide extra services such as nursing, home care, daily meals and transportation. In addition social and recreational activities help seniors adjust to retirement life easier with new friends.

Some of the senior housings stocks we have noticed are:

  • Capital Senior Living(CSU): the Dallas, Texas based company owns, operates, develops and manages senior living communities throughout United States. Ending last year the company operated 54 senior living communities in 20 states. The stock has been doing well this year from $5 in January to $10 today, a 100% gain. The stock is still trading bullish above 50 day and 200 day moving average.
  • American Retirement Corp.(ACR): the Brentwood, TN based company operates about 67 senior living communities in 14 different states. It operates total of thirteen thousands units which could host total of fifteen thousand residents. The stock price gained 150% from the January low of $10 per share to $25 per share today.
  • Emeritus Corp. (ESC): the Seattle, WA based firm operates residential style communities for senior citizens. The company has interests in 182 communities in 34 different states as of March this year. The stock has been doing well from the low of $9 per share in January to $18.94 per share today, a 100% appreciation.
  • Sunrise Senior Living (SRZ): the Mclean, VA based company provides senior living services with operations in United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Germany, all of them facing increasing senior populations. It operates total of 402 communnities with 385 in US, 10 in Canada, 5 in UK and 2 in Germany. The stock has been on steady rise since mid 2003.

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