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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Sun Has Rise Again - Japan Stocks

The economic bubble which resulted in a long ten year deflation has stalled the economic movement of the world's second largest market. Yet after aggressive economic reforms by its high-profile Prime Minister Koizumi, Japan has again shown signs that the country of the sun is now ready to rise again. The Nikkei shares average has surged from the bottom of below 8,000 in 2003 to 16,361 today, doubled in less than 3 years although still less than half of the all time high in 1990.
The recent recovery of Japan's economy and stocks is great news for investors who want to seek investment opportunities overseas yet don't want to take the risk of investing in developing countries. Investing in Japan not only is comparably safer but also may yield high return as the recovery only started not long ago. Different from many emergin markets where you are investing at companys where you have no idea whatsoever exept the name, maybe, stocks from Japan features brand names where you see everyday in United States such as Honda, Toyota and Sony.

Here are some Japan "blue-chip" stocks where you may want to have in your portfolio if you are to invest in Japan stocks:
  • Honda(HMC): the wow of the US auto industry has little effect on this Japan auto top gun. Hiking gasoline price did not damage the market share of the auto maker as it is famous for making model such as Civic sadan with great gas mileage. It's family targeted Accord sadan and Odyssey minivan are also top sellers in US. Even the luxury Accord series decent sellers. It's no wonder the stock has been doing well last year, up 10% compare to 50% drop of GM.
  • Toyota(TM): great company and great cars transfer to great sales and great stock performance. The fleet features top sellers such as Camery and Corolla. The luxury Lexus has become the new favorite challenging BMW and Mercedes. The stock last year had also done well, up more than 20% for the year.
  • Nissan(NSANY): Carlos Ghosn has made history by not only becoming the first non-Japanese CEO of Japanese auto industry but also making a big turn-around for the falling auto giant. The next task for the CEO - bring the auto sales and stock price to the next level.
  • Hitachi(HIT): the technology and industrial equipment conglomerates has product ranging from liquid crystal display, ATM machine, escalators to nuclear plants. The stock is showing sign of break out and could break out above $70 per share very soon.
  • Sony(SNE): the company is in your family room with products such as Playstation game console, tv, dvd player, home entertainment system and digital camera. Stock price didn't change much last year but the stock was recently on a rally up form 52 week low of $31 per share in late October to $41 per share today.
  • NEC(NIPNY): the technology firm is famous for its high quality monitors. Tech bubble in 2000 drove the stock from $148 per share to $2.8 per share in 2003. Now the stock is trading at $6 per share and should see more upsides.


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