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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Halloween Stock Picks

Halloween parties has ended not long ago and many houses are still having their creepy decoration sitting on the front yard. Parents are probably making dental appointment for their children for eating too many Halloweeen trick-or-treat candies.
So what does Halloween have to do with stocks? Well, guess what? It does.
Basically there are two major events on Halloween nights - Halloween Parties and Trick or Treat and these two events sort of provide us with the following two directions for stock picks for Halloween.
1. Halloween Party - Party Retail
No matter where you throw the party - homes or street parade, you gotta prepare yourself as scary as possible by going to the local retail for Halloween party good. Here are some of the companies I have in mind:
  • Party City (PCTY): number one places in everybody's mind when it comes to Halloween party. Party City will be taken over for $17.5 per share by the end of this year from a private firm. the number should be strong for the earning on 11/9.
  • Celebrate Express (BDAY): maker of celebration products for families with young children based in Kirkland, WA. Sells Halloween costumes. Now trading at 2 year low at $12.9 per share.
  • Wal-Mart (WMT): can't miss this disoucnt retail giant when talking about Halloween. Just rising of 5 year low with heavy volumn. A save pick for Halloween.
2. Trick or Treat - Candy Maker
Parents, do you still remeber the candies that your kids got on Halloween night? If not, take down the brand names of the candies before they are all gone. If many families are buying the candies for Halloween, chances are the company is making money for the Halloween night. Some major candy makers are:
  • Hershey (HSY): chocolate is still a big favorite when it comes to Halloween candies. The stock is trading close to 1 year low at $56.4. With Holloween and holiday season approaching, it should be a save net for Christmas.
  • Tootsie Roll Industries (TR): maker of Tootsie Roll. Its Child's Play kids variety bag was originally introduced in 1985 Halloween. Past 2 year chart shows the stock headed upward usually near the end of the year especially after Halloween. Trading at $30.5 and should be a great buy for the holiday.

Have you found your Halloween pick yet?


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