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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

[Foreign] Investing Russia

The R of BRIC The BRIC four nations - Brazil, Russia, India, and China have attracted millions of investors due to the rich of resource. While countries such as India and China are providing the global supply chain with low cost and talented human resource, Brazil and Russia offer rich natural resource.

In the previous articles we have mentioned stocks from China, India and Brazil. Today lets take a look at some of the stocks from Russia that you can trade from the US Stock Exchange.
  • Vimpel-Communications (VIP): the Moscow based firm provides wireless communication services in Russia and Kazakhstan. The company has strong revenue growth against its peers with 47% and fat gross margin of 82%. The stock is currently trading near the 52 weeks high of $46.8 per share at P/E ratio of 19.12.
  • Golden Telecom Inc. (GLDN): the Moscow based firm offers voice, data and Internet services to corporations, operators and consumers in major metropolitans such as Moscow and St. Pertersburg. The company has growing revenue and profit year after year and had reached half billion in revenue in 2004. Trading at P/E ratio of 14, the company should be a great bargain at $28.98 per share for a growing Russian market.
  • Moscow CableCom Corp. (MOCC): the New York headquartered firm offers cable television and Internet access services in Moscow, Russia. As for December 31, 2005, the company has subscribers from the pay tv services of 15,618, gaining 114.9% for the year and Internet subscription about 34,600, an increase of 115.4% for the year. As a result the company is expected to bring in revenue of $2 billion for the fourth quarter, an increase of 27% from the third quarter. The stock is currently trading near the 52 weeks high of $6.5 per share.
  • Templeton Russia and East European Fund Inc. (TRF): this is a more diversify investment on Russia market as the copmany invests in stocks of Russia and eastern European countries in industries such as telecommunications, metal and mining, banks, electric utilities and pharmaceuticals. Last December the company distributed dividend of $8.92 per share or a yield of 13.4%, far better than bank CD and many other stocks and funds.


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