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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hot Gadget Stocks - iPOD & Satellite Radio Part II

In the article yesterday, we've discussed the iPOD storm which help Apple Computer's stock went double fold in a year. It's no surprising that the stock representing hot gadget generally performs well because hot gadget = high sales = good future stock performance.

Satellite Radio
Ever heard of satellite radio? Instead of getting just statics from your car radio when you are in the middle of a desert, satellite radio basically receive the radio channels from the commercial satellite in space so that you'll be able to get your life NFL radio broadcast even at the place where conventional radio station doesn't work.

Of course satellite radio service does not come free like conventional radio as you'll need to get a satellite radio receiver for about $49 a piece at circuit city and also pay a subscription fee of $12.95 a month. What? Paying $12.95 a month just for better radio quality? Who would pay for that?

More than a milliion people today are subscribing to satellite radio services from the two major satellite radio provider - Sirius Satellite Radio(SIRI) and XM Satellite Radio(XMSR). By last quarter, Sirius Satellite Radio has a total of 2.2 million subscribers nation wide while it's bigger rival XM Satellite Radio has more than double of about 5 million subscribers. Translate the number into revenue and you will find a decent business here.

One big plus for this new gadget is that many of the auto makers are having satellite radio as build-in features on new models. For example today Mercedes-Benz USA announces that Sirius radio will become standard feature on certain model next year. In addition, the signing of big time celebrities such as Howard Stern and Martha Stewart just makes this quality radio service a lot more attractive.

So does this hot gadget look good to you? You should be able to find some cheaper satellite radio receiver at eBay or just have either SIRI or XMSR in your portfolio.


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