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Sunday, April 30, 2006

[Trend] Gold! Preious Gold!

Gold Precious Gold After gold price hit 25 year high of $658.2 per ounce on Friday, April 28, there is no doubt that we are in an era where such precious metal is a better thing to hold on than any world dominate currencies. Therefore as a smart investor, you should be expecting the hot money to be pouring into the gold mining related companies.

Here are some of the gold diggers:
  • Bema Gold Corp. (BGO): the Vanouver, Canada based company owns gold mines Russia, South Africa, and Chile. For the fourth quarter of 2005, the most recent quarterly report, the company earned revenue of 37 million from selling of 77,054 ounces of gold at an average price of $481 per ounce, almost $40 higher than the year's average price of $445 per ounce. Rising gold price should lift the company's earning to a new level. For the past year the stock has rose 150% from $2 per share last May to $5.66 on Friday.
  • Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corp. (TRE): the Sharon, CT based company operates gold mines in the United Republic of Tanzania, Africa. Recently the company accounced that one of the gold mines that the company operates contains encouraging gold values. The company's stock price is also encouraging, gaining more than 1000% from 72 cents in May of last year to $8.87 on Friday.
  • Royal Gold Inc. (RGLD): shares of Denver, Colorado based company earns royalties from gold mines in Nevada. In early April the company annouced that at the end of 2005 the company has reserve of gold worth 29.1 millino ounces, adding 760,000 ounce for the year. The stock has been doing well for the past year, up from $17.1 at the end of May of 2005 to $34.27 on Friday, gaining 100% for the year.


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