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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Smart Sectors Of The Day - Brazil, Russia

  • Brazil Stocks +8.1%: after two weeks of profit taking the Brazil stocks finally got a big lift today by surging 8.1%. This is a huge gain considering there are total of 10 stocks in the sector. The major advancers today are NETC(+15.54%), ITU(+10.06%), SID(+9.93%), RIO(+8.27%), BBD(+8%) and GGB(+8.02%). Even the index tracking stock EWZ, has gained 6.65%.
  • Russia Stocks +7.36%: another big winner today is the Russia sector in which four stocks have gained on average 7.36%. The stock leading the way is the cable company MOCC, gaining 9.54% to overall gain of 53.69% since end of January.


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