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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Smart Sectors Of The Day - Golf, Hydrogen, India, Russia

  • India Stocks +2.95%: the red hot emerging market of India got big boost from its internet companies and Sify Ltd(SIFY) with REDF surging 10.36% to $20.67 and SIFY adding 6.81% to $12.24. As a result the sector got lifted by 2.95% to overall gains of 22.21%. The only India stock declining was ICICI Bank Ltd.(IBN), losing 0.5% to $29.95 per share.
  • Russia Stocks +4.01%: the R of the BRIC powerhouses are the biggest winner of the day by soaring 4.01% to overall gain of 23.65%, climbing to the third best sector overall since coverage began on January 31 of this year. The best stock of the sector was the cable tv operator Moscow CableCom Corp. (MOCC) which jumped 9.49% or 78 cents to $9 per share, about 38.46% higher than coverage price of $6.5. The other winner was wireless communication service provider Vimpel-Communications(VIP) which advanced 3.49% or $1.67 to $49.56 per share on upgrade from MOrgan Stanley.


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